The ACPS Philosophy


The Art of Public Speaking (is not magic).

  • It’s a mind shift.
  • Away from fear, which turns us inward;
  • Toward confidence, which looks out.

To speak from a place of calm strength, we need strategies to orient us away from ourselves and towards what our audience needs. People listen when you have something to offer. Powerful public speaking is rooted in your belief in what you have to give.


The Craft of Public Speaking (is not rocket science).

  • It’s simple.
  • Away from muddled presentations without focus;
  • Toward fluid communication that seems effortless.

Smooth, assured public speech requires a solid foundation. Just as successful marketing rests upon a succinct value proposition, so do the best TED talks revolve round a central point. Fluid communication is dependent on effective, structured messaging and the practiced delivery to make it sing.

What We Offer


ACPS Foundations I & II: The basics

Discover our three-hour workshops that help you:

Discover our three-hour workshops that help you:

-Get over your fear and build confidence as a speaker

-actively hold your audience’s attention

-employ the essential techniques to deliver a fluid speech

-work with visual aids that enhance rather than detract from your presentation


ACPS – Custom Courses

Let us design the course that’s right for you and your team.

While some aim to be more engaging, others need to better persuade, or assure their audience. Perhaps you need both.

Or could it be that you are struggling with the messaging itself? Want to make that generic AI-generated speech sound more like you? Wondering how to bring the colour of your speech and work on finding your unique voice?

Perhaps you are you an executive with a speech deadline who needs something fast? The speech itself but also the feedback to know you are delivering it effectively.

What Our Clients Are Saying


Meet The Founder

Jonathan Mendelsohn has worked in communication for over 20 years, working with executives and companies as varied as The Royal Bank of Canada, Engineers Without Borders and The Battery Ad Agency in Los Angeles. As a university instructor. Jonathan has taught oral communication and writing courses at universities including The University of Toronto, York University and Doshisha University in Kyoto, Japan. He has presented at conferences across the globe.

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